Civil Litigation

Fighting For You

From County Court to Federal Court, our team represents individuals and businesses in a wide range of civil litigation. 

Representing Small Business

Businesses often find themselves fighting contract disputes, real estate disputes, SNAPP, Department of  Revenue, and other agency actions. We know you are not in the business of litigating, so we work to resolve your issues as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, we are trial lawyers and will fight for your best result. 

Real Estate Litigation

There are many types of litigation that arise from real property ownership. Partition of property occurs when more than one owner holds title to the property but at least one owner seeks to liquidate the property. Constructive trusts are used to protect an investor’s interest in real property but they are not listed as an owner. Litigation against banks or other lenders can be technical and require an experienced hand.

Police Misconduct

If you were mistreated by law enforcement or corrections, either state or federal, you have the right to sue for relief. 1983 actions can be brought when a government agent violates your civil rights. You can obtain either financial relief or seek a change in government policy.

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