Defending Your Rights

We handle all manner of criminal defense litigation in both Florida State and Federal courts. Our lawyers have extensive trial court experience . That reputation plus the experience of knowing how to put together an effective defense will help you obtain the best possible outcome. 

White Collar and Healthcare Fraud

Money laundering can take several forms such as structuring violations, currency exchanges, and fraudulent invoicing in cash heavy businesses. In the U.S. legal system, fraud is a specific offense with certain features. 

Fraud requires knowingly making false representations in order to gain a financial benefit. Legal actions against those alleged to commit fraud can be either criminally prosecuted or civilly litigated, or both. Actual charges related to fraud include bank, wire, mortgage, and healthcare fraud.

Further identity theft, which is a separate criminal charge, can be added to any other fraud charge. Most common types of mortgage fraud cases involve alleged deceptions in the process of acquiring bank loans such as misrepresentations on the loan application, use of buyers who are not the real buyers, and falsification of documents. Most common types of healthcare fraud involve billing of Medicare and Medicaid by a healthcare provider, falsification of documents related to the existence of a healthcare facility, and paying intermediaries for patient referrals. 

Drug Offenses

In both federal and state court punishment for drug offenses can range from diversion programs, like drug court or a residential program to a mandatory minimum prison sentence depending on the offense and the person’s criminal history.  These charges can also have collateral consequences such as impacting driving and professional licenses, employment issues,  immigration status.

Internet and Computer Related Offenses

Offenses stemming from the use of computer technology such as fraudulent financial transactions, identity theft and allegations of sexual impropriety carry serious criminal consequences and life altering reputational consequences.   In addition to using our relationships with law enforcement and prosecutors, we conduct a vigorous challenge to the government’s evidence using our own forensic expert’s. We force every allegation to be proven. 

National Security Offenses

Our lawyers have experience in defending allegations of national security violations. These cover such offenses as the Foreign Corruption Practices Act, Foreign Agent Registration Act, material support of terrorism, Armed Export Control Act, International Emergency Economic Powers Act, and OFAC related violations. Our  experience with the Department of Justice and the FBI allows us to best work to avoid prosecution and if necessary defend businesses and individuals in court.


Homicides can include murder, manslaughter, and vehicular homicide. Our attorneys are certified to challenge offenses where the prosecution is seeking the death penalty. Our approach is to challenge the government’s evidence, utilize experts, explore areas of mitigation, and pursue the best possible outcome for the accused. With over 150 jury trials to verdict, our law firm is always ready to go to trial and fight.

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